Appellate Settlement Services Inc offers a complete menu of residential and commercial title products. As a national title company we offer title insurance policies for owners, lenders, leaseholders, cooperative units, contract vendees and more.
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  Appellate Settlement Services Inc is a full service national title agency that handles both residential and commercial transactions. Our mission at Appellate Settlement Services Inc is to create an exceptional experience for our customers that will provide for the easy and worry free transfer of property. Appellate Settlement Services Inc has been a premier leader in the title industry.  
In addition, our technology enables the entire Title Insurance industry to truly “go digital” by eliminating everyday tasks that can bog down companies and their valued employees. Our technology allows participants to order, view documents and receive email notification on the exact status of their documents. The program is designed to fit any company’s needs. We at Appellate Settlement Services Inc will structure our software to be compatible with your needs.
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  Commercial real estate transactions can be especially complicated. In inexperienced hands title issues such as §1031 exchanges, cross-collateralization, deed restrictions, lien subordination and defeasance transactions can derail a project for weeks. That’s why our know-how is so valuable. No matter how tangled the title issues may be, we have in-house experts who can unravel them for you. We have a staff of full-time title attorneys with more than 150 years of experience between them.  

What’s more, because of our strong underwriting relationships, we can insure properties regardless of their value and location. This is particularly important for commercial transactions in which the property values often exceed the amount any single underwriter is willing to insure. Because we have relationships with several different underwriters, we can easily put together a group of companies—each one of which will insure a portion of the transaction.

We make it our business to make your business easier. If that means closing in one of our offices, we do that. If you want us to bring the closing to you, we do that too.

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